April 2, 2020

Comparing Car Insurance to Get the Lowest Premiums

The cheapest auto insurance available may not be the best that you get can possibly get. While it is true that buying car insurance can be taxing, it does NOT mean that you cannot follow some certain guidelines when comparing car insurance.

If you are in the process of buying car insurance for yourself, there are two things that you need to consider. These are getting different quotes and making a fair and reasonable comparison. Like any other insurance, the cheapest price available does not necessarily mean that you are already getting the best possible alternative. The cheapest car insurance may lack some features that are essential in a policy. Does this mean that you should get the most expensive insurance instead? There are expensive insurance that may have irrelevant features that you will not need in the future. This means that you could be spending money for nothing.

Getting quotes for insurance need not take most of your time. Most of the big players in the insurance industry have online services which means that you can easily get quotes from different insurance companies online. It is important that you take the time before you decide on a particular company.

If and when you think you have enough insurance quotes in hand, that will be the time to compare prices and look at the appropriate features that can be added on your desired policy. Look for a reasonable price without having to sacrifice needed features. Here are basic policy features that you can use to compare car insurance quotes:


This is also called the car insurance excess. This is the amount that the policyholder will have to pay before the insurance company can proceed with the claim. There exists a correlation between the cost of the insurance policy and the excesses or deductions that will be applicable. Taking into account the excess that will apply at the time of insurance can be a factor in finding the right insurance provider with the right price and the right features.

You need to ask yourself these questions when making a comparison between car insurance quotes:

  1. Will the additional excess be applicable if the owner of the car is not the designated driver at the time of the accident?
  2. If for instance the driver is under 25 years of age, will the additional excess still be applicable?
  3. Will the deductible take effect even if the policyholder is not at fault?
  4. Will you be able to choose the amount of deductible to be applied?
  5. Will a higher deductible lower the cost of insurance?

You must remember to read insurance prices in relation to deductibles. There are cheap car insurances that can get you cheaper rates for as much as $100 but the deductible that applies can be more than $2000 higher than other companies.

Conditions with New Car Replacement

If you have a new car, there are companies that are willing to replace the car in the event of theft and other untoward incidents. This is another matter that makes different companies unique.  You can greatly benefit from this type of insurance, but different companies have different conditions for this type of insurance. While some companies can only offer the benefit for a year, there are others that can give you the offer for a number of years. Look for details of any new car replacement clause that you can see at the policy document. The insurance company can provide you with the links to these.

Add-ons you place on the car

It you are fond of adding certain accessories that will make the car perform better or look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, then it is important to check if the policies will cover such after-market accessories. These include alloy mag wheels, seat covers, speakers, computer systems and the like. A policy that will cover after-market accessories may cost more, but this will be beneficial for you since you can get more out from your policy in case of accidents.


You must take the time to do your research and be patient if you really want to get the best out from your car insurance. Do not take the first cheap quote that you get. Compare prices and look for significant differences not only on the prices, but also on the feature of the policy. Learn to balance cost with policy features so that when the time come that you need to file for a claim, your policy can have you covered.