April 2, 2020

How to find an honest mechanic

Usually, authorized dealer services inflate prices on the cost of servicing and repairing a car. But if, in Western countries, repairing a car from a dealer is a guarantee of the quality of services, in our country, an appeal to repair a car to a dealer does not provide any guarantee that a professional service will be performed for you.


Therefore, there remains a burning question where to repair and maintain your own car. Yes, of course, you can turn to an unauthorized dealer who has the full range of equipment and professional mechanics, but the prices in similar car services are not much lower than at dealers. In addition, the presence of competent workers does not guarantee you that you will not be fooled. Therefore, in order to be sure that your car will be serviced and repaired appropriately, you need to find a professional auto mechanic who works in his mini-service or in a large one. How to do this, and 4rings.net offers you to find out:

How to find an honest mechanic?

1) Communication and rumors 

find an honest mechanic


How it will help in how to find an honest mechanic:  Communication with real people, not virtual on the web, is the best way to find information about the place of work of an auto mechanic, about which people respond in the most positive way. The main aspect by which you need to select an auto mechanic is his life in one place. Usually, in auto repair shops, there is a large staff turnover. Non-professionals for a long time do not stay in car services. If you have received information that an auto mechanic has been working in a service for a long time, then you need to find out more about his work by finding people in your own town or village, who will give you an objective review.


Ask all your own acquaintances and friends if they have information about competent auto mechanics. But do not immediately believe everyone’s word for it. As they say, trust, but inspect. Maybe the recall of your friends about a car service worker will be biased.



2) Find a special small car service

find an honest mechanic


How it will help how to find an honest mechanic:  Find in your area of ​​residence special small car services that specialize only in a particular brand of car. In such services you will receive the best repair and competent service for small funds. It is better that in similar workshops, any owner of the car was allowed to be in the hall where mechanics work. So you protect yourself in part from cheating.


3) Find a locksmith in the garage

find an honest mechanic


How this will help how to find an honest mechanic:  If you find a car mechanic who works in the garage, you can make him an ordinary diagnosis of defects that need to be removed. But we recommend that you repair the car anyway in specialized workshops. But turning to the garage, you will save your money on diagnostics. In addition, usually people working in a garage are least interested in cheating, unlike car service workers. Therefore, having diagnosed the car, you will literally know what you need to do in your own car. Thus, you will protect yourself from unnecessary repairs, which can be imposed on you in a car service.


4) Search for a good car service with a huge number of cars

Ten Ways To Find A Good Auto Mechanic


How this will help how to find an honest mechanic:  Find a car service with a huge stream of cars that come for repairs. Pay attention to how fast they repair cars. If after your arrival, after two weeks, half of the cars have not yet been repaired, then you should not contact a similar workshop. If you see that a car service is coping with a huge number of cars, then this is a good sign that the workshop management has established professional car repair work by recruiting competent professionals.


5) Find out what parts are used in a car service


How it helps in how to find an honest mechanic:  Most of the companies create auto parts, both a cheap price sector and a precious one. At the same time, on one car, the plant can create spare parts that are not inferior to unusual quality, and the least high-quality. Unfortunately, in appearance you cannot distinguish the property of spare parts. Contact the car service management or manager to find out the prices for the cost of repair and maintenance, also knowing the prices, spare and consumable parts of cars, specifying with which parts manufacturer their workshop works. Remember that non-unique parts do not mean that they are bad. It all depends on the manufacturer.


6) Communication with a car mechanic

Ten Ways To Find A Good Auto Mechanic


How it will help in how to find an honest mechanic: It is very important to have a person who works at a car service and who is ready to talk with you, answering your questions. You must find a master with whom you can simply talk and whom you can trust. Indeed, even if a car mechanic does his job perfectly, but who is not ready to talk with you, you will in any case not trust him. Communicating with the master, you can make an idea about him. You can realize whether he understands the specifics of your car. It is no secret that there are old auto mechanics who are wide specialists of the highest class, able to repair old and complex cars. But, unfortunately, in spite of their experience, it will be difficult for them to repair the latest technological cars likeBMW 7 Series. For such modern cars, a young mechanic who understands computer auto developments is required.


7.) Pay attention to the exterior of the car service.

How to find an honest mechanic? Best Tips


How it will help in how to find an honest mechanic:  If you come to a car shop or a car service, you should look for their reliability by appearance. Pay attention to the presence of dirt on the walls and floor. If the car service does not organize cleaning, this may mean that the process of car repair is also poorly organized, which will affect the quality of the repair. Also pay attention to how the tool is stored. It should not simply hang on the walls or lie in special drawers, but should be strictly folded into categories and sizes.


If the workshop tool is scattered throughout the room, in other words, the danger is that in a similar workshop not high-quality repairs will be carried out for you. Pay attention to workshop lighting. If the room is not quite highlighted, then the car service department saves on electricity, which does not say in favor of the workshop. After all, if you save electricity through lighting, then almost certainly the management of the workshop saves on the wages of the craftsmen and much more, which will not allow them to provide high-quality services.


8) Look for car repair shops that, in addition to basic car repairs, are engaged in the restoration of old traditional cars

How to find an honest mechanic? Best Tips


How it will help in how to find an honest mechanic:  If you have come to a car service center and have seen that, in addition to ordinary cars, workshop workers are engaged in repair and restoration of old traditional cars, then this is a sign that people devoted to their own business are working in the workshop. In similar places, sometimes they do not make high-quality repairs and pierce.


9) Contact the club of cars of your brand or model

How to find an honest mechanic? Best Tips


How this will help in how to find an honest mechanic:  By contacting the auto club of your car brand through the web, you can get important information about the workshop, where cars are not cheaply repaired but can be repaired. Usually, drivers who are in the club are constantly happy to communicate, exchange experiences and are willing to unselfishly assist at least some owner of a car of a particular brand or model.


10) Check auto forums dedicated to your brand or model


How this will help in how to find an honest mechanic:  If you encounter problems with your car, you can’t find a professional master who you can trust, then we recommend that you contact the auto forums dedicated to your car brand. In similar forums you can get a huge amount of useful information. You can also get acquainted with the abundance of reviews from car owners. But be picky. Not all reviews are true and clear.