January 18, 2020

Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Due to the increasing number of accident each year, there is a need to purchase auto insurance for the protection of drivers. The increasing number of automobiles on the road is contributing to such accidents and drivers should be cautious since accidents can happen at any given time.

In Northern Ireland, they are traditionally paying more for car insurance compared with other areas in Europe. The Automobile Association declared that the average comprehensive coverage premium greatly increased to 20% in the past year. This was predicted to even rise up in the next two years and will greatly affect the young drivers even more.

How to save on car insurance in Northern Ireland

There was a recent survey that showed that a lot of people are already paying so much for their car insurance. It was found out that almost 70% of the participants save on premiums with an average of 30% savings while only two out of ten seek for cheaper coverage when renewing their policies.

You do not have to put up with the increases with costs of premiums. There are people who found the same cover for a cheaper price with a different insurance company and you can do the same too. Here are some alternatives that you can do:

  • Change your insurer– If you noticed that your current insurer is charging you more than you can afford, changing your insurance company is the best way to cut your costs. You can call different telephone based insurance companies including several direct companies. You may also use the Internet to get online quotes from the big players in the insurance industry. If you are a young driver with a risky occupation or if you live in a high risk area, it will be better to consult with a local broker.
  • Protect your car– Install security devices to your car such as anti-theft locks and security alarms. You can get back the value for such devices with lower premiums. You can buy an immobilizer from £75 to £100 but this can easily knock about £50 from your premium in a year.
  • Up your excess– Most insurance companies impose a £100 excess for any claim, but you can choose to have a higher amount in order to qualify for a discount. If you increase your excess to £250, this can save you as much as 10% on your premiums. Take note that this savings can be easily jeopardized if you make a claim.
  • Lower down your mileage-If you travel less, the risk of getting involved in an accident will also be reduced. Lower mileage means lower costs for insurance. You can save up to 10% a year if the mileage of your car is less than 3,000 miles.
  • Don’t buy a highly expensive car– Models like Astras, Vauxhalls, and Ford are cheaper to repair since the spare parts are not that expensive. This is good for your insurance since you will be paying less as compared to buying a BMW 3 series. The more expensive the car, the higher the premiums.
  • Avoid filing for claims– If you file for a claim, you can lose your no claims bonus. Insurers can give you up to 70% off on your premiums if you never filed for a claim. If the cost of damage is not that expensive, it is better for you to pay it from your own money.
  • Consider insuring with an owner’s club– If you drive a classic or a sports car, you should probably get quotes from insurance schemes operated by clubs for enthusiasts. You can negotiate your insurance with a specialist insurer who can give you cheap deals. You may try National trust, Farmer’s Union or Age Concern.
  • Verify Insurance terms– You must be sure that you are not paying for features that you will not use. Look out for policies that automatically add an extra charge for cover overseas. Inform your insurer as to how the car will be used. If it will only be used for leisure, then mention this. It was observed that drivers with third party coverage are riskier on the road.
  • Limit the number of drivers– The policy will be cheaper if only the wife and the husband are included. Teenagers are expensive to insure.
  • Assign the female as the main driver– Basically, the cost of your policy will be cheaper if it was registered under a woman’s name. Do this only if the person who usually drives is the female to avoid misleading or fraudulent information.

Car insurance should be bought to protect yourself and your family. You should always exercise good judgment in order to save on car insurance and compare rates whenever you can.