December 7, 2019

Fix or sell your used car?

We give you some tips to make the best decision repair used vehicles or to sell them.

 Research Tips and Advises

Answering this question depends on many factors and in order to help you clarify some of them, here are some tips that will allow you to make the best decision.

Regular maintenance

Although it may sound very obvious, a vehicle requires frequent maintenance after having traveled a certain number of kilometers. It is necessary for it to work perfectly and thus lessen the damage by the continuous use of it. If your unit has not done a regular tuning service, change oil-brakes, as well as a job of alignment and balancing among other things. Surely in the short term will start to give you problems and the best thing in this case is to sell it if you are not prepared -or do not have the money- to spend enough and have it in optimal conditions.

Have it outdoors

If your garage is outdoors, the sun, rain, dust among other phenomena damage the paint of the vehicle, remove the shine, discolor it to the degree of possibly oxidizing the sheet. If you have not taken care of the painting of your car and you are in these conditions, it is best to sell it, since a job to repair it is expensive, and it will not be exactly the same tone as the factory one.

A very old car

Maybe you have your vehicle in optimal conditions, but if it is already a few years old, finding spare parts is a huge problem. It may even happen that you have to modify pieces or have them do some. Whatever the case this is expensive and takes time, if your budget is not enough, it is best to sell it. Now money is not a problem and you want to have it as an object of collection, because later you will be the envy of many lovers of cars.

Consider your depreciation

If you have little time with your car – or even acquired it again – its monetary value is greater than an older one. That is, a used car with some years in the market is more depreciated than one with few years; also depending on the brand as the model may be worth more or less. Here the decision is based on losing less money, so selling a car that has little in the market is better than getting rid of one that you can not get much for it, in this case the use you give is worth more than that you get monetarily.