December 7, 2019

How to find a good mechanical workshop

Probably when talking with some friends, this question has arisen: “Where can I find a good mechanical workshop for my car?” The reason why people ask this with some regularity is because a mechanical workshop considered as good is difficult to find.

Word of mouth was the only reliable way to find a good mechanic who could do any job at a fair price, but today you can find a mechanic just a couple of clicks on the computer or cell phone, which has become an effective way to identify a technical Car service Paris. With this in mind, here are 10 tips on how to take advantage of virtual tools and the real world to find a good car repair service near you.

  1. Know your car

When a mechanic tells you something about your car, it helps a lot to know what you are talking about. Therefore, the first step to finding a good automotive mechanic is to familiarize yourself with the different systems and components of your car. Know what you have and what you do not. This way you will avoid being told that your car needs a carburetor replacement when your car does not even have one. Finding an honest mechanic is difficult, but if you know your car it will be harder for them to try to cheat you.

How to find a good mechanical workshop easy

  1. Do an investigation

How to know that you are being charged a fair price? How long should a repair last? The garages can charge you more for a fairly easy job, claiming that they did more than what has actually been done. To prevent this from happening to you, do an investigation first. Visit the car forums and do not hesitate to join and ask people who have had some similar experience.

Find out how much they invested, both in time and financially. This should give you a decent idea of ​​what to expect from the repair.

  1. Ask for recommendations

The power of “word of mouth” can not be denied. So when seeking recommendations, it is best to ask them from close friends, family and colleagues. Ask about your experiences with different auto mechanic workshops, if the repairs were done in the best way and if the mechanics and the personnel are reliable.

  1. Go to a specialized workshop

While an authorized dealer is the best option for most, it may be that an independent automotive repair service will provide you with a better service, especially one that specializes in the brand of your automobile. Although you may have to travel a certain distance to find it or even spend a little more than planned, it is likely that you will have a better quality and more reliable job. Consider this, because even though you may pay a little more, the final service will make the experience worthwhile.

  1. Check the appearance of the workshop

Take a look at the work area if you can. Do the mechanics keep the work area clean? Is the workshop well lit? Are the tools stored in an organized way? The trustworthy mechanical workshops pride themselves on their appearance both in the customer area and in the service area. You could also take a look at the cars that are being repaired. Does it look like they’ve been there for a long time? This could be a sign of problems. A cleverly operated repair shop would not allow the cars to stand for a long time in their workspace.

  1. Observe the rotation of cars

Apart from the space itself, take a look at the cars that are fixing. If you pass through the establishment frequently, see if the cars parked there change constantly. Also, if you see it full of cars that seem to have been there for a long time, it is better to look for another maintenance establishment. Finding a mechanic shop with a constant flow of automobiles indicates that they perform their repairs in a timely manner.

  1. Request certifications

The certifications are a clear indication of the dedication of an automotive mechanic to professionalism and to keeping up with the latest in automotive technology. With regard to the technicians of a mechanical workshop, the certification shows that they have relevant training and experience in specific automotive repairs.

  1. Start with something small

To test the capabilities of an automotive service center, start with a small job that you already know how long it takes and how much it costs, such as an inspection, a replacement of headlight bulbs or an oil change. If they are going to overcharge you for something as basic as that, it is likely that they will also increase the price a lot with other types of jobs.

  1. Evaluate your first job

After you received your car, evaluate the experience. Did you have a problem dealing with the staff? Was the work done quickly? Did they charge fair? Is the car clean, or are there spots of grease and dirt on the car? If the work turned out to be a positive experience for you, then you can start trusting them for major repairs.

  1. Meet your mechanic

The best automotive service garages should be open to talking with the mechanic in charge of repairing your car. So do not hesitate to ask if you can talk to the mechanics. Ask him to show you some of the internal workings of your vehicle, and to indicate any potential or existing problems.