January 18, 2020

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance

It is certainly possible to find cheap car insurance. Of course, you have to do your part and find different means and ways to lower down the cost of your policy. This article will help you get a cheap car insurance and these can be offered by your current insurer without your knowledge.

Different ways to get cheap car insurance

  1. Get yourself anti-theft devices– Most modern cars are built with anti-theft devices. There are even cars that have these and can be activated with a touch of a button. Although there may be differences with the features, these devices can usually get you discounts on car insurance. The devices that qualify for discounts will depend upon the insurance provider.
  2. Get to choose a yearly policy– Instead of choosing a policy that only lasts for six months, buying a yearly policy can extend your savings on insurance. This arrangement gives you a rate that cannot be changed in a period of one year. Remember that insurance rates can go up any time.
  3. Mind your mileage– Companies would want to know how many miles you will be driving the car. If you have a low mileage, there are companies who can give you a discount on this. You will be asked questions such as how many miles you drive to get to your work and these questions are important for them to determine what class you will be designated in.
  4. Look for multiple car discount– Do you have more than one car? Most companies offer multiple policy discount if you choose to insure more than one car under the same company. The price of policy will go down after insuring another car. Make sure first that the provider offers this kind of discount or you may also check with your current provider. If you have plans to sell the other car, you can still keep this under your policy and only get the minimum requirement. There are cases where the policyholder took out a car off his policy and noticed that the price increased.
  5. Make Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments– Most insurance companies are now charging an extra $5 or even more for mail payments. If you choose to pay with the costs directly deducted from your bank account or your credit card, you will not have to pay extra. This allows for easier payments.
  6. Consider comprehensive storage coverage– If you will not be using your car for a certain period of time and choose to store in a garage, you can opt to buy a comprehensive coverage only during storage time. You will most likely not need liability and collision since the car will not be in use.
  7. See if you qualify for a group discount-There are certain insurance companies that have affiliations with other organizations such as college sororities and credit unions. You may even qualify simply by having a credit card from a certain provider. You can ask for the list of organization affiliations from their customer service representatives.
  8. Cut on liability, comprehensive, collision or medical payments coverage– You can cut down the costs for coverage on comprehensive and collision by increasing the cost for deductible. Lowering liability and medical coverage should only be done if it is difficult on your part to make the payments. Generally speaking, having enough insurance can protect you financially.
  9. You can forget extra rental car coverage– If you are covered with comprehensive and collision coverage with your car, you may not need rental coverage. You will be covered just as much on a rental car as you would be on your own vehicle.
  10. Enroll in a defensive driving course– There are companies who give discounts for defensive driving courses. You may need to check with your state insurance commissioner who issues them. You will need to see if you still qualify since this is usually offered to a certain age group.
  11. Take care of your credit rating– Keeping your credit score clean in another good way to save on insurance. Insurance companies have the habit of checking the credit scores of their policyholders. This can be problem for you if you have a tainted rating. In this case, you may want to check out providers that do not do background check on credits.
  12. If you are a high risk driver, seek help– If you cannot afford insurance because the prices are high with major companies, you may contact your state commissioner and ask for a provider suited just for you. Do not expect that you will be getting the greatest coverage, but you have insurance and that is what’s important.

Certain things can be done to lower down costs on car insurance. There are many companies that are capable of giving out discounts and you should use this to your advantage.