December 7, 2019

What you need to know about fleet control of trucks

Every fleet of trucks and vehicles in general needs a series of tools that allow you to monitor the performance and safety of the automotive units that compose it with a whole series of services available as you go through the process. Application of new technologies, such as the location of these trucks is due to the global positioning technology (GPS), speed record that vehicles carry during their trajectories, the routes covered by them, fuel consumption per route, systems of automotive inventory and mechanical status, among others more advanced that allow to maintain an adequate and efficient control of fleets of trucks. You should read about GPS reviews on before purchasing this device.

The benefits of having these tools:

  1. Security:

In the case of the load carried by vehicles, the preservation of their useful life or safeguarding the lives of the automotive operators on the road is fundamental in the truck fleet control industry. This is why tools such as global positioning by satellite (GPS) are offered to maintain a strict control on the routes used by the driver. I keep a record of the speed performed during the work or to complement this tool with others such as the radio beacon; a kind of emergency alarm that can be used in case of vehicle failure, theft, hijacking or any other undesirable event using GPS coordinates to issue a wake-up call to an emergency response center of the company that provides the service .

  1. Efficiency:

The rapid detection of faults and the preventive controls of damages in the trucks allow, simultaneously, an increase of the efficiency when saving time and money in all the operations of maintenance, keeping an adequate control of fleets of trucks. In addition, by keeping a digital history (using software) of the aforementioned operations, it is possible to carry out a reliable follow-up of these, allowing the creation of varied and lasting records around the detected faults, used spare parts, repair time, personnel involved and the costs, optimizing the collection and storage of data for future operations ranging from purely mechanical, to accounting and security.

  1. Versatility

The software and tools available in the market for the control of truck fleets are extremely easy to use. Despite the high technological load used in them, the tools are intuitive and do not require many instructions, except those aimed at more advanced tasks, such as those oriented to the mechanical part, or those applied in the field of accounting and fleet management.


The market of tools for the control of fleets of trucks is wide and quite developed. Not to mention that with each technological advance, the tools improve their performance at unsuspected levels: GPS capable of downloading applications such as voice systems, databases with stores located in the area to be traveled, computers that are installed in the vehicle to monitor the mechanical and electronic functioning of this, making a follow-up to detect possible faults. Do not forget that tools alone will not have a real impact on the performance of fleet control of trucks, it is necessary to combine them together, to create systems that allow a complementation between them and thus respond, efficiently.


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